God gave three chapters of His Word to the creation of the entire cosmos. He gave fifty chapters to the construction of the Tabernacle. In this immeasurably important revelation we see both a representation of spiritual reality and an archetype of our personal journey here with the Lord. By the Holy Spirit’s invitation and with soberness of mind we enter into this tent of meeting to be initially and intensely confronted with reality: No one comes to the Father except through the death and life of Jesus Christ.

At Mt. Sinai, God revealed Himself to the Israelites by His own personal name and told them that if they touched the mountain of His glory they would die. And then He said to come up on the mountain. They could not. For love of the temporal and self-preservation, they could not. But Moses did, saying by his actions, “If I die, I will die one step closer to God.”

There on that mountain, I imagine Moses found what we find at the Altar of Burnt Offering.

Ascending into the cloud of darkness, not knowing which step will be our last, paralyzed by fear yet spurred on by an inexplicable passion, we take one labored step after another. And just when the cloud could grow no darker it begins to clear, very little at first, but soon the light is bright, even painful. Then, as our eyes focus we see a small clearing nestled in the foothills of God’s grace. There on a slight rise is a rough-hewn altar and on it rests a lamb, or is it a lion – Oh how our eyes struggle to see through the fear – no, it’s a Son! Standing over him in thunderous silence…our Father. He runs His fingers through His Only Begotten’s hair, then His chin dips just enough to catch our gaze and instantly we are entranced. What love, what sorrow, what pain and what joy! He pierces our soul as a friend looks at a friend. As a single tear streams down His face, He draws His knife across the throat of His Lamb. Oh! We wrench at the horror! The Lamb’s face cries out simultaneously, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken Me?” And “Father forgive them…” His chest gasps for air as life flows down the altar and pools at our feet. If we could just run away…but grace enfolds us.

We stay. We die. We live again. We worship.


Sharon said...

Wow, this is so timely for our study :) We were reading in Exodus last night--about the construction of the Tent of Meeting :) Thank you for posting :)

We are waiting and praying for you, Rebecca and family.
Love from,
Sharon & George

Heath Clan said...

Very cool-see we check your blog:)

I thought revealed was spelled with an a ;)

I have heard that very intelligent people have a hard time with spelling. My husband is a horrible speller, but incredibly intelligent and insightful.