My wife recently shared the following story.

While I was standing in the crowd watching the show, I noticed that one of Katie's shoes was untied. I quietly leaned over to Cayla and asked her to tie it. Larah took note of what Cayla was doing for Katie and thought it would be clever to untie her shoes. (She wasn't being cute...she was being ornery.) She proceeded to untie her shoes and so I had Cayla tie them. After Cayla was done, I got down on Larah's level, made eye contact, and told her not to untie her shoes again. She did not...and she did not with a good attitude and a happy "Yes, ma'am."

After the program, a woman walked up to me that had witnessed the verbal exchange between me and my 2-year old daughter. This kind and helpful lady (I'm being a bit sarcastic here) informed me that if I didn't want Larah to untie her shoes I should double-knot them. Yes, I did realize that double-knotting Larah shoes would help them stay tied. I also realized that if I double-knotted Larah's shoes, Larah would have missed out on an opportunity to obey her mother.

I love the way Rebecca thinks and writes.

I think sometimes we want God to double-knot our lives. I think God wants the conversation. Maybe God is less interested in fixing our circumstances and more interested in transforming our hearts. Maybe the next time life comes untied, instead of questioning why God would allow it, I should simply look up for a smiling face and kind instructions. Maybe happy obedience is the whole point.


Sharon said...

AMEN BROTHER! On all accounts :) You do have an awesome treasure of a wife :)

Rebecca said...

When did you write this? I must have missed it because tonight is the first time I have read this.

I know you are very busy with ALL that you have going on, but I just wanted to let you know I miss reading your writings.

I love you, Tim Walker!!!